Carpet works well in any home

Many homeowners tend to avoid having carpet installed in their homes for various reasons. It could be that they are worried about stains that they won't be able to get out. Others worry that it might cause their allergies to get worse, while some believe that with pets in the home, it simply isn't a feasible floor covering. The fact is, no matter what your needs are, there's likely a flooring product in this line that will meet them all.

At Georgia Carpet & Flooring Warehouse, we are family owned and operated, and we have a variety of products and services from which to choose. Furthermore, we place customer service at the top of our list, and make sure that you are pleased with the floor covering you've chosen. Serving the areas of Charlotte, Mooresville, Huntersville, Matthews and Fort Mill, we have a showroom located in Charlotte, NC. We'd love for you to stop in and speak with one of our flooring specialists today, who can get you a step closer to the floor covering of your dreams.

Carpet facts you won't want to miss

For those who might be concerned about carpet stains, it's important to know that some manufacturers are now making stain resistant floor coverings. With stain resistance built right into the fibers themselves, you'll find it much easier to remove stains. It also makes it much harder for the stain to set, even if left longer than normal.

Allergy sufferers are right to be concerned about products, that could possibly make their situations worse. That's why manufacturers have also considered this, and made fibers that are completely hypoallergenic. Instead of distributing allergens and making you feel worse, they actually trap them away and hold onto to them, rendering them less powerful until you can vacuum them up and get rid of them completely.

For pet owners, you'll be happy to know that carpet makers have heard your concerns as well. Now, you can purchase flooring that has special fibers that resist both stains and odors that have caused problems in the past.

In lieu of a DIY installation, we strongly suggest you leave it to the professionals. For the installation of this line of products, it not only takes specialized tools, but a good bit of experience as well. Novice mistakes are not uncommon, and can often cause big problems for homeowners that attempt the job themselves.

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