Baseboards add a lot of value to your new floors and home. They offer benefits for visual appeal and performance alike.

But are they necessary? Some argue for and against it.

Here are some considerations as you think about your new flooring. They could help you make the decisions you need to make.

What are baseboards for?

Baseboards are used for a couple of essential factors in a remodel. First, they add beautiful visual elements, offering extensive shapes, sizes, and colors.

But they also work to protect the drywall or other wall material. So our flooring company may not suggest baseboards if you use a stronger, more durable wall covering.

Here are some benefits of baseboards

Many homeowners love baseboards because they protect against damage. The bottom of the wall is more apt to take on damage, dirt, and wear.

Baseboards also hide the expansion gap some floor coverings leave after installation. But they can also be suitable for covering wall imperfections near the bottom.

Adding new baseboards

Most old baseboards have to come off before new flooring installation. So it's an excellent time to replace them instead of putting old pieces back into place.

This is also a perfect opportunity to create new floors with a brand new look. Baseboards can often do more for a room's aesthetic than you think.

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