When it comes to choosing carpet, one can choose from several various types. The most common is a simple plush carpet. A plush carpet offers a traditional appearance to your flooring, and is most often times the least expensive option. Most plush type carpets come in many colors, but it is generally recommended to stick with neutral colors such as a light or medium beige as lighter colors make your rooms look larger (a huge plus if you’re putting your house on the market soon!)

One of our biggest sellers here recently has been a multicolored plush type carpet. Rather than being a solid color, this carpet has two strands-a beige colored strand and a light brown colored strand twisted together. This combination of colors allows it to be able to hide dirt extremely well, in addition to making your rooms look larger.

Frieze, another popular style of carpet, is a modification of a plush type carpet. Frieze carpet has longer fibers than a plush, giving it a more shaggy appearance. The strands are not as long as the famed shag carpet of the 70s, so you can enjoy a nice modern look while giving your floors a little bit of character.

Pattern carpets, while generally more expensive, can be a great addition to a room. Pattern carpets generally have fibers of varying length to create a decorative pattern on your floor. Sometimes patterned carpets include various colors of yarn in order to paint a beautiful landscape across your floor. In addition to its classiness, patterned carpets generally withstand traffic much better than both the aforementioned carpet styles.

Berber carpet, sometimes referred to a looped carpet, provides a very upscale look to your home. However, berber is generally more expensive, and most of the times, the labor cost to install berber is high due to the difficulty in seaming.  Additionally, berber has a tendency to “run” at the seams. This may not be the carpet for those with small children or pets. Nevertheless, berber carpets are extremely friendly to foot traffic, while offering a chic and cozy feel to your home.