Charlotte, NC has seen a lot of troubles over the last several years in terms of having enough jobs for those looking for a job. This applies to virtually every occupation from IT professionals to hardwood flooring installers. There are many reasons for this lack of jobs, and it is an issue that has affected the entire nation, not just Charlotte. With a chronic onslaught of bad job's report news coming at people, it is about time for some good news. And, finally, there is some.

According to a recent story that detailed data provided by Wells Fargo Securities, there may hope on the way in 2016 for those looking for reliable, well-paying work. The story appeared in the Charlotte Observer.

“North Carolina should experience continued job gains and economic growth that is better than the national average in the new year...In a performance similar to 2015, nonfarm employment is expected to rise 2.6 percent in 2016, producing nearly 110,000 net new jobs....Most of the state’s major metro areas had strong job gains in 2015, with Charlotte producing one of the strongest job markets in the nation.”

Source:  <a href="">Wells Fargo predicts strong job growth for North Carolina in 2016</a> by Rick Rothacker.

It is no secret that new jobs mean more opportunities for more people in the area. With a steady income, people can buy homes; invest in their current homes with improvements such as hardwood flooring installation or new kitchens, thus passing more jobs on to other people. A strong jobs market causes a great deal of money to change hands, and that is good for everyone.

While some in the Charlotte, NC area have not seen much in terms in jobs growth, the Wells Fargo Securities report estimates that about 3000 jobs opened up in the first ten months of 2015. This comes out to about a 3.5 percent increase year-over-year. Some of these jobs came about as new companies moved into the city; others came about as local companies expanded and hired more workers.

In terms of using their new wages for investments into homes and other properties, many Charlotte residents are having new flooring installed. There is a good reason for this, actually many good reasons. First, new flooring is one of the most affordable home improvements that a homeowner can make, and this includes the installation of new hardwood flooring. Second, new flooring is also a great way to increase value on the property, making it a good investment over the long term.

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